Fangs and Twilight


So I finally bought Twilight, just to see what the fuss was all about, and surprisingly, or maybe not surprisingly, it was good. Not good like a good piece of literature of course, it was a romance novel about high school, first loves, and vampires, so you can imagine. In spite of that though, it was good clichéd romance, the kind you would want to read when the days start to seem a little bleak. 

Really though, the story should have ended after Twilight. It would have left everything at a perfect question, which us readers could wonder for the rest of eternity–does Bella live on as a human or does she become a vampire to be with Edward forever?? But no, Stephenie Meyer gave in to the insatiable audience and goes as far as to let Bella and Edward produce a little half-vampire in the last book of the series, Breaking Dawn. And of course, like every other clichéd protagonists in the Twilight series, the spawn is unbearably perfect–intelligent, strong, Greek God-like…et cetera et cetera all that stuff *Jot down mental notes to go buy when at airport*. Why do vampires intrigue us so? 

Gasp! *mimes being trapped by glass windows* Let me out! Blooood! 


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