Big Bad AT&T Fails


EPIC FAILURE – firmware 2.2 is still too new to crack. Big bad wolf prevails. 

Like any iPhone users who actually have a need for the 3G function aka international travelers, I needed a way to bypass the lock that AT&T has selfishly placed on all iPhones sold in the United States (We’ll discuss jail-breaking when I have this down). Of course, I know AT&T bought the 3Gs from Apple in bulk and that’s why they’re trying to wrestle every penny out of customers, but still like all attempts to limit technological freedom, it inevitably fails. Introducing the Proxy unlock SIM card.

Proxy unlock SIM

Unlocking your iPhone doesn’t get any easier than this, and would cost you only $39.99. Much less than the early termination fee plus activation fee if you were to drop your contract with AT&T, which would automatically disable the lock on your phone, and then reactivate it again later. Type in “unlock sim iphone 3G” to Youtube and you can see how it works.

Mine just arrived today :)

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