Dialogues and Split-screen

the woman and the man referring to the other women

You know you’ve just seen a good movie when you catch yourself editing it into your Facebook profile. Using Final Cut Pro, 2 cameras for each take, 12 days, and just a handful of actors, Conversations with Other Women easily became one of my favorite films. Not to mention, the soundtrack has songs from Carla Bruni‘s 2003 album, Quelqu’un m’a dit

“When shooting a single frame movie, film actors are often responsible for delivering only three to four seconds of performance for an edit. While shooting this film, the actors were often required to deliver three to four minutes of performance that would end up on screen without a cut. Performing at this extraordinary level required actors of enormous concentration and incredible craft. This challenge inspired Helena [Bonham Carter] and Aaron [Eckhart] to deliver outstanding performances of remarkable depth and complexity.” 

–Director Hans Canosa

Well, he definitely chose the right people for the job; Carter and Eckhart have always delivered the most thrilling performances, whether as Harvey Two-face in the Dark Knight, Bellatrix in Harry Potter, or as Nick Naylor in Thank You for Smoking.

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