Major Change, Again?!

For the fourth time since entering college, I’m pondering on a major change, but it’s absurd because I’m already a Junior in undergrad! Plus, I’ve only just switched my major from Biology to Studio Art this semester. So all evidence seem to point to flightiness, even the Oxford American Dictionary says so when defining “flighty”, I quote, “his flighty sister has changed her college major four times” and “you may be seen as too flighty and lightweight for real responsibility.” To be honest though, I think I’m onto something with art history here… I really like it.

It comes down to four art history courses per semester, and two during the summer + a calculus course to complete my B of A requirements. Is four art history courses a semester too much reading / writing about art? 

It’s a total of 12 courses:

  • Art History 51a or 51b
  • 51c (Introduction to the History of Art)
  • One upper-division non-Western art history course (RISD Summer 09)

    RISD (Housing available)

    Art + History of Early West African Kingdoms
    Dates: Thursdays + Fridays 06/18/09 – 07/24/09
    Schedule: B
    Time: 9am-12:15pm

  • One upper-division art course numbered 100 or above.
  • One art history seminar course
  • At least five additional courses in art history, 1 2 3 4 5 (BROWN Summer 09)

    Brown University

    Art/Cinema (MCM 0900X)

    Dates:  Tuesdays + Thursdays 06/22/09 – 08/07/09

    Time: 1:30pm-5:30pm

  • Senior Seminar (fall semester), Art History 191a.
  • Senior Thesis (spring semester) Art History 191b.

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