Dummies Guide to Inspecting the Twitter Phenomenon

What’s the point of Twitter?
It’s an all-purpose broadcast system and a way to give thoughts to the moments in your life without having to get into the mundane details, the way you would have to for a blog entry. 

What do you do on Twitter? 
You don’t exist without “followers” on Twitter, you’re just a stalker. Sorry, but I must be frank. So the point is to broadcast words that stimulate public interest–i.e. news tweets enriched with personal insight. Like blog entries, only condensed. You can also ask questions–it’s surprising how willing people are to help each other out. 

You get a public audience (not just your friends) who plays witness to the joys, woes, and contemplative moments in your life. I have yet to find out what that feels like, but it probably will feel like you’re famous and that people find your life profoundly interesting (even though it’s not, ha. I joke). 

Retweeting (I shamelessly practice the lingo) the Wall Street Journal guide to Twittering for dummies–How to Twitter.

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