Endorsing Skyn Iceland

Detox kit

I recommend this to anyone who is less than satisfied with the state of their skin. I bought this Detox kit (≈ $45.00) for stressed skin by Skyn Iceland as a travel kit for my Miami trip, but my skin has become so incredibly even and baby-soft that I won’t stop using it even now that I’m back. Granted I rarely break-out, medium coverage tinted moisturizer had always been a necessity as I had this evil redness around the ridge of my nose. Alas, it has vanished. I am going to buy the whole Skyn Iceland set of glacial face wash, arctic facial mist (toner), and the antidote quenching daily lotion, as soon as I find a good deal… or even if I don’t. 

I was using: 
Makeup remover: La Mer cleansing fluid (oil-based)—————————————$65.00
Cleanser: ReVive gentil (one of THE most expensive face wash) (177 mL)———-$70.00
Toner: Kiehl’s herbal toner (250 mL)————————————————————-$24.00
Pre-moisturizer:  Dr. Wu’s hyaluronic acid serum——————————————-$78.00
Moisturizer: Chanel hydramax + active moisture gel cream (50 mL)——————–$70.00
Occasionally: Neutrogena rapid-clear treatment pads————————————-$6.00
————————————————————————————-Total of $313.00

With Skyn Iceland: 
Makeup remover: La Mer cleansing fluid (oil-based)———————————$65.00
Cleanser: Skyn glacial fash wash (176 mL)————————————————$30.00
Toner: Skyn arctic face mist (118 mL)——————————————————$35.00
Pre-moisturizer:  Dr. Wu’s hyaluronic acid serum————————————-$78.00
Moisturizer: Skyn antidote quenching daily lotion (52 mL)————————–$45.00
Occasionally: —-
———————————————————————————–Total of $298.00 

Okay, I guess the glaring conclusion here is damn I’m high maintenance… but my point was not this but that Skyn is the better routine. I feel ashamed now. I think I will switch to a cheaper make-up remover.

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