Lesson for Spring

We’re incredibly observant of the world around us (dude, check out that girl’s nail color), why is it that we seldom introspect with the same sensitivity? 

Basically, I can separate myself into two major biological processes, mind and stomach. 

Starting this spring, I’ve already been practicing listening to the latter; whereas last year I wolfed down whatever sat on my plate, this year I pause mid-chew to tune in to the voice from my stomach telling me that I’m no longer hungry. I’ve managed to lose 5 pounds this way, without ever once starving myself or not eat anything I wanted to indulge in. This is the most hopeful my battle with weight has ever been since gaining those very unfortunate 15 pounds in Freshman year!

Now, I’m starting to tune in to the thoughts in my mind, and taking control accordingly. 

Beyond the Monkey Mind 1Beyond the Monkey Mind 2

Beyond the Monkey Mind by Krystal Lin; beyond the miscellaneous thoughts that don’t drive anything meaningful. Focus on what’s going on with you and your body now.

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