Day 1 –
Party in the desert, was so scorching hot people’s brains were melting–made them that much wilder and the party that much better :)

coachella 1

Girl Talk and Crystal Methods were off the hoook. My beloved Oliver Peoples aviators fell on the ground and was lost forever. Didn’t even bother to look, figured it was probably already in a million pieces anyway as people were jumping up and down so crazy like mad monkeys (myself included). 

Girl Talk

Day 2 – Chemical Brothers

Chemical brothers

Sebastian Tellier, Mstrkrft, and John Legend’s surprise appearance at Mstrkrft were all bomb. 

Day 3 – M.A.N.D.Y. was super good


Flashing the Plumb Djs (and not with a camera), then she turned around and flashed us too

Plumb djs flash

This crowd was wild, kind of like all the others actually. South American guy on the far right with the smooch face (beanie and black tee in above photo) was mad cute! He later took off his shirt and we danced like mad people and had insane eye contact (sizzle…)

plumb djs

Coachella 2009 was freaking sweet with a free 3 day pass and a (tag along) press pass :) Loved it!

(As a side note, these are Blackberry Javelin photos; 3.2 mega pixels with sufficient lighting but more like 1.5 mp when shooting under dark lighting)

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