Gadget Review / Amazon Kindle 2


Kindle DX. I’m pissed. Anyhow, am all set up to return my Kindle 2 for a full refund once the DX is released this summer; great customer service I must say!

May 4, 2009/ 

New toy has arrived! The design is minimalist and user friendly to the point of being idiot proof, almost like Apple products, perhaps we should rename it iKindle or iRead? So far the only downside is that blog subscriptions on Kindle aren’t worth the $1.99 usd if you have access to a computer with Internet. Otherwise, newspaper subscriptions on Kindle are ½ of the cost of print subscriptions, and books can be ⅓ of regular prices (I sound like a sales lady). Nother thing, if you’ve tried the audiobooks on iTunes before, the text-to-audio function on Kindle 2 won’t impress you. 

Debating which Chuck Palahniuk book I should buy first; downloaded a bunch of samples. Pygmy becomes available tomorrow!

May 2, 2009/

Just placed an order on Amazon’s Kindle 2 and it should be arriving on Monday. Life is going to be so gooooood :) 

Kindle 2

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