Ghost Chair

Aren’t these awesome? Like fully preserved alien tentacle cartilage tissues in acrylic resin… but it’s all yours and you can sit on it. Insane. Designed by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, founders of Drift Design and 2005 graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven in Netherlands. Drawing inspirations from nature and science fiction, their designs possess a narrative element and strive to be timeless rather than trendy. The story behind this Ghost Chair collection is an attempt to bring a twisted form that would not be able to stand on its own in real life into reality with the help of a standard chair form. In the words of Nauta and Gordijn themselves, the Ghost Chair is “straight from the outside, but curved and wrinkled and impossible to excist from the inside. [It] is a futuristic concept of a chair, 3-dimensionally captured within the boundaries of reality.” Hmm. No direct mention of aliens, but futuristic, wrinkled, and impossible to exist (with current technique—translation—with current extent of knowledge) sound like extraterrestrial life to me! I stand firm on the belief that this is a collection about aliens. Find these at NHow hotel in Zona Tortona, Milan.

1 and 24

36 x 48 x 84 cm
25 kg

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