Starting to get pretty upset about this whole unemployment thing, and we’re already well into the early part of summer. Instead of lamenting though and becoming insecure about my credentials, we’ll talk about one of the companies that I worked for back in my home country.

Specifique, is a Europe based (founded by Eric, a French guy, and Petter, a Norwegian) management consulting firm that essentially, creates the tools for solving a business’s problems (we diagnose your condition, write a prescription, and manufacture the pills). This tool is more or less a complex board game, officially called The Dialog™ mat, by which employees at the base of the corporate pyramid can absorb whatever concepts are coming from the top (for example, brand management, innovation, corporate culture… whatever message that needs to trickle down), through hands-on, interactive exercises. It’s like a lesson in a board game, and it could be a customized lesson specific for your business, like corporate culture and employee training, or a generic one, like total brand management. 

Spar  StatoilHydroPWCP&G

clockwise: customized mats for Spar, Statoil Hydro, PwC, and Proctor & Gamble. 

clientele includes, 3M, Prudential, Jaguar, Volve, Mazda, Ford, Alessi, YSL, H&M, 7-Eleven, SK-II, Johnson & Johnson, Statoil, Norsk Hydro, BenQ… the list goes on. 

What’s sad is that because it only takes brains to design the mats and not many people to produce the physical material, the firm is microscopic (our branch back home has only 6 people), and it doesn’t get any recognition on my pathetic little resumé. 

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