Hot / Gaspard Ulliel



Just watched Paris, je t’aime for likely the 4th time. Is it really possible to be so good looking?! Surely he must look slightly changed and older now, but French actor Gaspard (A Very Long Engagement, Paris, je t’aime, Hannibal Rising) makes Chace Crawford look like a ridiculous chipmunk and Robert Pattinson semi Yoda looking. According to announcements released by Summit Entertainment in April, Gaspard has for a fact, not been casted for the part of Alec, a Volturi vampire in the upcoming Twilight film sequel, New Moon. In his place is Cameron Bright (the kid from Thank You for Smoking), which totally dumbfounds me, but I trust that, you know, there were… reasons, good reasons… or there better be; we all know that everyone likes the Twilight saga because the vampires are hot and not really anything else. Just being honest, I mean, even if you swear that you like it solely for the story, that stuff isn’t even close to being original (hello, Dracula the novel (1897), Dracula the film (1931), its remake (1992), The Southern Vampire Mysteries (2001), Quartier de la Madeleine of Paris, je t’aime (2006)…)

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