Venturing into the unknown province of Sichuan

sichuan on the map

I’ll be reporting back soon!

Just realized that Sichuan cuisine is known for its spiciness…… oh man am I screwed

Upon more research,

Not all Sichuan food is spicy, case in point being the tomato-egg noodles at this famous joint further away from the town centre. Here, it’s a simple affair of noodles in a tomato broth topped with a fried egg. There’s something about the combination of sweet-savoury tomato and oily fried egg that really hits the spot after a night of clubbing

August in China: Food in ChengduEat. Drink. Cook. Travel.

This passage was accompanied by a charming photo of the blogger, looking thoroughly content with her bowl of tomato-egg noodles. I think I can live with that. Ha, while I have a hard time imagining the nightlife in Sichuan and am having serious doubts that it’s on par with what I’m used to (disclaimer: I’m hardly a snob or a spoiled brat, just honest. How can Sichuan rival Vegas, Tokyo, or Miami in terms of nightlife, come on), this doesn’t sound half terrible. Maybe there is hope this summer yet.

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