Court Decision to Uphold Prop 8

Shepard Fairey
poster by Shepard Fairey, inspired by the art of Aaron Harvey  

Supreme court decision on May 26th to uphold Prop 8 officially makes California a state of questionable moral foundation and reversed sense of progress. Supporters of prop 8 like to obscure the real problem they have with gay marriage behind the definition of marriage, making that the issue so there is a better chance such discrimination could be justified. Marriage may by definition be something between a man and a woman, but what’s the point of insisting on it if you don’t have a problem with homosexual legal unions? The gays aren’t after your bibles, only the same recognition by government law. So if you support a proposition that tramples on the rights of people who have no choice for the way they are (face it, it’s genetic), then at least have the balls to present a real argument.

 @TheEllenShow says, “One day when everyone is treated with full equality, we’ll look back and realize how wrong this was.” Why don’t I get the feeling that prop 8 supporters don’t realize that they’re hurting people? I think they do. I think more of them do realize, but are more fearful of losing at their last line of defense against a national takeover by the unholy and misguided homosexuals. Hey homophobic jerks, look on the brighter side, at least gay couples are more likely to help alleviate overpopulation by adopting than you and less likely to produce as many (pea brained) offspring than you would.

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