Cocaine in Red Bull

red bull

Traces of cocaine, as much as 0.03µg/L, have been found in a shipment of Red Bull from Austria to Taiwan. According to the Central News Agency, the Department of Health in Taiwan decided to investigate the energy drink after seeing “reports from Germany that a different cola drink made by the same manufacturer was found to contain 0.4 µg/L of cocaine” (see this Red Bull Cola liar of an ad that claims “100% pure cola. Without chemicals”). Although at a concentration of 0.03µg/L cocaine would not cause significant harm to the body, this still comes as an f-ed up piece of news, and the energy drink has been recalled as “[Taiwanese] law prohibits any traces whatsoever of banned drugs in food products.” Makes you wonder what else’s been laced… besides Coca Cola and McDonald’s; if you’ve seen this video (this is only one of many), there is no question that something fishy’s going on there.

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