Chengdu / Underground DVD

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IV Chengdu Drip reporting live from Wang Fu Jing, Chengdu
18:18, I went undercover as a regular customer and shot this video while pretending to be holding my Blackberry to my chest. With around 5000 movie titles available and new DVDs coming in every other day, including a super wide selection of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French films, cartoons, documentaries, TV series, and music albums, this place is better than any Blockbuster store or even Netflix. No wonder it is the favorite of reporters, policemen, Taiwanese businessmen, and regular folks as well. I recommend visiting this amazing AV library after sunset, you’d really feel as if you were in a Cantonese gangster movie, where a guy in huge debt to the loan sharks is about to get unlucky in this alley because he can’t pay up…

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