Chengdu / Subway Sandwich

IV Chengdu Drip reporting live from Wang Fu Jing, Chengdu.
Cloudy bright white sky; comfortably warm and just cool enough, around 25C. + 1. Didn’t take long for us to wave down a taxi at 08:35 this morning. + 1. Coffee of the day at Starbucks was Sumatran. Had a sandwichbacon, lettuce, and tomatoes between two triangular slices of white breadfrom Starbucks for breakfast. + 1. Updated Moleskine weekly planner, realized that I’ve lost my phone. – 1. Feeling incompetent after N-pet sent out her own meeting minutes for last Thursday even though that was my responsibility, I guess marking my rough draft was beyond her patience. – 1. Waiting for 14:00. Pause. A female coworker just made an obnoxious hacking noise, stimulating my gag reflex. – 1. Pluses and minuses broke even this morning as the time approaches 11:00. Pause. Got name plaque for my cubicle, nice. 12:40, I concluded at Subway that American sandwiches are a foreign concept to Sichuanese people; my sandwich maker seemed like she had no idea what she was making, just following a series of instructionstake two round slices of a dark red substance from compartment (4,3), lay it on the bread, one overlapping the next from the left. Then two triangular slices of a yellow substance on top of the red rounds. 15 shreds of lettuce, and 3 pieces of black circles placed precisely on top of the yellow trianglesshe was confused by the honey oats and parmesan oregano, what in the world is the difference?! Bread is bread. So I asked if I could please have more black olives in my Italian BMT, and she said, “I already gave you three” “can I have a few more?” She placed two more pieces of chopped olives on top of my 15 strands of shredded lettuce and looked at me, totally confused, like “why would you want to eat this?”

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