Chengdu / Rainstorm

IV Chengdu Drip reporting live from Wang Fu Jing, Chengdu.
The air has been damp and cool but without a drop of rain since this morning, and the sky is cloudy as per usual. Around 09:15, I took advantage of the fact that I felt no hunger and drank an expresso doppio from Starbucks in substitution of breakfast, hoping to raise fat metabolism on an empty stomach. Lunch at noon with former boss, who was in town for a day and a half. Got off work at 19:30—super bad timing—as outside the wind was howling and there was actually a substantial rain, not a frequent occurrence in this region. N-pet observed that it might have been the first in 2009. We decided it was impossible to find a taxi here or now, so went for manicures in the mall. Ten minutes into it, as the manicurist was saying the usual “you should oil the cuticles more often, yours are very dry. Here, do you have this at home? If you don’t this is only 80…” I noticed that her forefinger had been injured and was missing the last segment. It made me think of the whole lot of injured, handicapped, severely scarred people I’ve come across in Chengdu so far; China still has a lot to catch up, prevention and health care are still very much 2nd world, despite an economy that is growing by 8% a year and an exponentially rising GDP per capita in coastal cities. After close to two hours and after drenching my delicate Sigerson Morrison flats, we made it home. 00:05, to bed I go.

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