Chengdu / The Bookworm

IV Chengdu Drip reporting live from Ren Min Nan Lu, Chengdu.
18:00 I headed over in a taxi to check out The Bookworm, all the way out on the 2nd Ring. While fighting our way through rush hour traffic the driver and I listened to a local radio talk show, where the hosts gave live traffic updates, random health advice and home remedy ideas. Basically chatting in no apparent direction, but they were funny and totally endearing without trying to be. I’m wondering if it’s a Sichuanese thing or a central/rural China thing that here people are so simple-hearted, laid-back, and trusting. Anyway, half an hour later, here I am sitting on the couch, facing a wall full of English books. My ice mocha arrives, looking like a tall sundae, and tastes more bitter than its Starbucks equivalent. 19:00, the sandwich I ordered came with a salad in vinaigrette dressing and I have to say I am as excited as one can be about salad, I haven’t had a real salad in almost 2 months! Nom! I am now slightly wolfing down these leaves.

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