Chengdu / Sweet Auricularia Soup

IV Chengdu Drip reporting live from Qing Long Xiang, Chengdu
“Traffic regulations are just guidelines, if there’s no police at the red light, then it’s green.” A Southeast Asian taxi driver once spoke these wise words, but they’re also remarkably true for Chengdu. 12: 35, as I walked to lunch, the road was a mess with cars going every which way and pedestrians skipping swiftly between the lanes while cars zoom pass them. They say, “when in Rome do as the Romans do”, and that’s applicable as the only way to cross any street in Chengdu in a timely manner is to maneuver through the moving vehicles that will never stop for anyone on foot besides the traffic police. But I would surely die if I tried to pull this off on my own so I’ve adapted to following closely behind the locals, always putting them in between the charging cars and myself. Just in case. Still, I almost got hit by a police car once and have witnessed three motorcycle accidents during my first month here. Anyhow, around 12:50 I discovered an adorable tea shop called Sho’s (Xiu Ji Tian Tang / 貅記甜湯) that exuded the vibe of vegan lesbian coffee shops in the States, and served a variety of teas, fruit teas, coffee, and Chinese desserts, including a specific sweet auricularia (mu-er) soup (冰糖枸杞雪梨银耳甜汤) I had dreamt of the night before! 


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