Chengdu / Mustard Licker

IV Chengdu Drip reporting live from Wang Fu Jing, Chengdu.
Monday, I returned to the office with a splitting headache and pulling a half-empty 30″ Samsonite, ready for Tokyo! Around 13:35, while I was munching on my Subway sandwich (I ate late) the CEO walked by and unfortunately our eyes met, upon which I froze like a deer in headlights, awkward and mortified to be caught with honey mustard dribbling from my mouth, sticky on my fingers, and just in a general state of inelegance. He said, “hello, you’re back.” “Leave me at once!” I thought, but only nodded and tried to smile by squinting my eyes as I was unable to say much with my mouth full of bread, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, and a mix of cheese and honey mustard filling the hollows in between. When he left I hid myself in my cubicle fortress until I was done eating. After lunch I peered over the top of my cubicle divider to see the Fraud department head walking by. There was trouble over the weekend in his department. 16:01, became suspicious that a microscopic, budding aneurysm deep in the center of my skull is the cause of this thumping headache. It’s unlikely at my age, but not impossible. 16:45, idiot I realized that my flight was at 13:00 not 21:00, I arrive at 21:00. Switching flight to tomorrow with a 200 RMB penalty charge. Headache worse than ever, seriously considering retiring from work early. 

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