Consumerist Delusions

For those with resources to burn and looking for means to express their uniqueness, consider custom-coloring your electronic gadgets. Colorware colors anything from desktop Macs to Amazon Kindles at a whole range of prices (tip: more worth it to send in your own than to purchase from Colorware). But while your friends may gasp and go green with envy initially, it has little power in shaping how others view you as a character–read this New York Times pseudo-science article by John Tierney that nicely accompanies my little ad for Colorware, Message in What We Buy, but Nobody’s Listening. An excerpt that captures the gist of the article in my opinion,

But once you’ve spent the money, once you’ve got the personality-appropriate appliance or watch or handbag, how much good are these signals actually doing you? Not much, Dr. Miller says. The fundamental consumerist delusion, as he calls it, is that purchases affect the way we’re treated.

With that said, as a proud victim of the consumerist delusion and on top of that, the gadget generation, here’s how I would color my laptop-




and Kindle-


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