Pogo of the Grovel

Pogo aka Fagottron made this music video by electronically remixing footage from the Disney film, Alice in Wonderland. It’s called Alice, and it’s strangely hypnotic…

“la ba da, of the grovel”

Another remix he did was with Steven Spielberg’s Hook, called Bangarang. Hook goes “I like it I like it” and it always make me laugh… 

Then there’s Scrumdiddlyumptious, remixed from the 1971 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film.

Let me revise what I first said, these are all trippy and hypnotic not just Alice, and I truly have a hard time pulling away. I keep returning to Youtube. Think it might be because the movements are so fluid and keep repeating… and not to mention now the music is stuck in my head.

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